10,000 employees
united by a shared vision

Through their diversity, the women and men of Edenred embody the many facets of a Group built on solid, dynamic connections between people. Solidarity and commitment are their watchwords – as was plain to see during the pandemic.

Strong support for Ukraine

In February 2022, the invasion of Ukrainian territory marked the beginning of a conflict with tragic consequences for the local population. Edenred employees in neighboring Romania, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia showed their solidarity by supporting Ukrainian colleagues and taking in their families.

Various initiatives were set up within Edenred, such as support for NGOs helping Ukrainian refugees as they fled the conflict, and an option for stakeholders to make donations via the Group’s platform (matched by Edenred in certain countries, such as Sweden). We also encouraged volunteering so that employees could share their most valuable resource: their time.

A clear goal: be an employer of choice

Promoting diversity and inclusion, managing talent and developing skills are priority objectives of the “Ideal” CSR policy, confirmed by the double materiality assessment carried out in 2022.

Diversity is overseen by a specific governance structure involving the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Actions taken at the Group level in this area include adapting HR processes, in particular when recruiting and promoting to management positions, and signing the Diversity Charter, which all our HR partners are also required to do before making any new hires. In addition, we monitor women’s representation in HR development programs and top management. An internal mentoring network for women has also been in place for several years.

Countless initiatives at the local level promote inclusion too. Examples include adapted workstations for pregnant employees (Mexico), a parent support program (Czech Republic), and measures to include members of the LGBT+ communities (Brazil and Mexico) and people with disabilities (France, Belgium and Brazil, among others).

  • 91%

    of Edenred employees attended at least one training course in 2022

💡 Did you know?

In 2022, Edenred Mexico was named a “Great Place to Work in Equity for LGBT+ Community” for the fourth consecutive year.

We also prioritize training to enhance the employability of our employees and to create an ethical base that strengthens the team as a whole. Various programs and tools support this goal, including Edenstep (for young international graduates), Talent Week and the Edenred Executive Academy (Group development programs), and EDU (the Edenred Digital University e-learning platform available to all Group employees).

  • >75

    nationalities are represented at Edenred

  • 51%

    of employees are women

  • 42%

    of managers are women

  • 33%

    of executive positions are held by women

A global commitment renewed every year

At Edenred, social engagement first and foremost means reaching out to others. On June 21, 2022, the sixth Idealday gave Edenred employees in 45 countries a chance to do just that during working hours by volunteering for the local community. Eighty-five initiatives were organized covering all Edenred CSR commitments, from providing food aid to the disadvantaged to protecting the environment and biodiversity.

Idealday 2022: solidarity goes around the world in 1 day

  • 2,347

    days of volunteering

    +54% (en hausse)

  • 251

    non-profits supported

    +43% (en hausse)

In the fall, 4,700 Edenred employees came together virtually to take part in the sixth Edenraid sports challenge. Over two months, the Edenraiders walked, ran and cycled a total distance of almost 1,500,000 kilometers. This performance resulted in a record donation of €45,000 to Médecins Sans Frontières, which was used to support vulnerable communities, such as people in Ukraine.

Five values central to all our actions

Passion for customers

We are committed to companies, employees and merchants, working to understand and anticipate their needs as effectively as possible and align our services and our programs with their changing expectations. We relentlessly fine-tune every last detail until 100% of our customers would recommend us to their friends.

Passion for customers


Business excellence requires respect. For this reason, we work proactively, accountably and honestly with our customers. We express our gratitude and our recognition every day to our colleagues. We efficiently use the resources provided to us by our shareholders. And we offer products and services that create value for all of our stakeholders in society as a whole.



Imagination stimulates innovation and gives rise to progress. Every day, we let our creativity run free to inspire and connect companies, employees and merchants in the working world, both today and tomorrow.



Our customers want their interactions with us to be simple and easy. We strive to be straightforward in everything we do and transparent in everything we say.


Entrepreneurial spirit

Edenred’s entrepreneurial spirit drives growth and spreads the Group’s pioneering ethos to the new territories that we set out to explore. It strengthens local empowerment while continually pushing us to higher levels of business excellence.

Entrepreneurial spirit