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Greater benefits for people and society

As the world leader in Employee Benefits, Edenred is often known and recognized for food and meal solutions. But these represent only part of our range in this domain. As part of the Beyond strategic plan, we aim to continue to develop solutions beyond this core activity.

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🔎 Focus: promoting more environmentally responsible purchasing power

In Belgium, Edenred EcoCheque allows businesses to grant their employees up to €250 each year to buy eco-friendly products and services. This solution is the European benchmark for responsible consumption – and is now fully digital too.

In 2022, Edenred enhanced the user experience by launching a dedicated e-commerce platform, Ecoshop. Here users can shop all eligible products and services in categories such as homewares, personal care, children, food & beverages, fashion and electronics.

The new website will further drive a virtuous circle, as 54% of EcoCheque users say they have developed more eco-friendly shopping habits since receiving the solution.

In addition, every euro spent through the program reduces carbon emissions by 1 kilogram compared with a standard purchase.

Enhancing the lunchtime experience

Today, benefits are a key differentiator for employers and, alongside wages and working conditions, can influence an employee’s decision to accept (or keep) a job.
By awarding earmarked funds via the Edenred platform, companies can directly boost employees’ purchasing power and support their consumer experience in a variety of areas. This in turn improves work-life balance.

Every month, workers’ Edenred accounts are automatically topped up using our digital platform, allowing for healthier food habits. The beneficiaries can then enjoy a dine-in, take-out or delivered lunch and pay the exact amount:

  • at the restaurant (using contactless payment or a QR code directly at the table); or
  • on over 200 meal delivery platforms (online or in-app payment).

These solutions also support business in restaurants, which were hard hit by lockdowns during the pandemic.

💡 Did you know?

One job is created for every 23 meal voucher user in France.

Beyond food, a world without limits

From leisure and well-being to childcare and commuting, our strategy today involves not only constantly diversifying our range of solutions, but also bringing them together in a multi-benefit super app. For employers, this makes it possible to manage all employee benefits on a single platform. User, meanwhile, can track all their earmarked credits in the one place, without having to switch interfaces.
These solutions also contribute to organizations’ emissions reduction targets.

In the United States and France, for example, employers can fund staff commutes thanks to the Betterway partnership formed in 2022.
Employees can then leave their cars at home and take more sustainable modes of transportation, such as public transit, bicycles and e-scooters.

Our strategy is to offer an ever greater level of customization for employee benefits. Various options are being explored in line with local customs and legislation, including:

  • flexible benefit solutions, whereby beneficiaries can freely use the allocated funds depending on their needs;

  • employee engagement platforms, which are already live in 12 countries.

This convergence is also possible with physical solutions. In 2022, all Edenred benefits in Belgium were combined on a single eco-card made from recycled materials. Payments can be made in person using contactless technology, online and with a mobile (via Google Pay and Apple Pay).

💡 Did you know?

6.5 million Edenred eco-cards have already hit the market in 11 countries.