Reaffirmed and
strengthened commitments

The development of the Beyond22-25 strategic plan led to a review of the objectives of our “Ideal” corporate social responsibility policy. These commitments help continually strengthen our positive impact on our ecosystem.

A strong social and environmental foundation

Our CSR policy, known as “Ideal”, has been at the heart of our strategic roadmaps since 2018. It contributes to 12 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our performance is measured using a set of key indicators. The main targets, updated following the double materiality assessment carried out in 2022, are based on three pillars:


People: being an employer of choice

We aim to offer the best conditions for work and personal fulfilment to our approximately 10,000 employees. In doing so, our goal is to attract and retain top talent.

  • 86% (target: 80%) of employees trained every year (5-year average)

  • 33% (target: 31%) of women among executive positions

  • 2,347 jours days (target: 1,000 days) of volunteering

  • 40% of women among executive positions

  • 85 % of employees trained every year and 100% of employees receiving CSR trainin

  • 5,000 days of volunteering


Planet: achieving net zero carbon by 2050

This strong commitment, in line with the Science Based Targets initiative, was announced in 2022.

We are currently working to finalize our greenhouse gas reduction trajectories, compatible with a 1.5°C global temperature-rise scenario, and our concrete roadmap for the coming decade.

  • 58% (target: 52%) of merchants and users made aware of balanced nutrition and food waste

  • 100% (target: 100%) of employees acknowledged the Charter of Ethics

  • 100% (target: 100%) of subsidiaries covered by the Group’s personal data protection compliance program

  • 58% (target: 50%) of subsidiaries certified for quality management

  • 85% of merchants and users made aware of balanced nutrition, food waste and access to soft mobility hub

  • Inclusion on the World’s Most Ethical Companies list

  • Implementation of strict internal rules and process certification

  • 85% of subsidiaries certified for quality management


Progress: being a trustworthy Tech for good

We develop our activities ethically throughout our entire value chain.

We also seek to promote environmentally friendly practices and behaviors, while protecting the data of all our stakeholders.

  • -51% eduction (target: -36% reduction) in greenhouse gas emissions intensity compared with 2013 (in sq.m)

  • 30 (target: 20) eco-service

  • 33% (target: 35%) of solutions eco-designed or recycled and net zero paper from 2021

Net zero carbon for scopes 1 (direct emissions), 2 (electricity, heating and cooling for own use) and 3a (indirect emissions linked in particular to purchases, employee commuting and product end-of-life)

Logo Science Based Targets initiative

💡 Focus: a few initiatives at Edenred Austria

During the Climate Week, various conferences and round tables are organized for the teams.

💡 Focus: a few initiatives at Edenred Austria

Climate Workshops are an opportunity for employees to reflect in small groups to imagine sustainable actions together.

💡 Focus: a few initiatives at Edenred Austria

On the occasion of the global general meeting of the FOOD [Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand] program in Vienna, Edenred Austria organized several meetings with food experts on its premises.

Find out more on the FOOD programme

💡 Focus: a few initiatives at Edenred Austria

Each year, during the holiday season, employees mobilize to offer gifts to underprivileged children.

    Recognized commitment in 2022

    The Group’s non-financial performance garnered various distinctions throughout the year.

    In September, for example, Edenred joined the Euronext CAC 40 ESG index, which brings together the top 40 CSR performers among the 60 biggest companies by market capitalization on the Paris stock exchange.