A model for creating responsible, sustainable
and profitable value

2022 figures

Our purpose: "Enrich connections. For good."

Enrich connections. These two words refl ect the Group’s expertise in transforming each transaction into a smart, safe and effi cient connection, while enhancing its value.

For good. Edenred solutions have a positive impact on health and well-being. They support the local economy, protect the community and contribute to preserving the environment.

Our resources and assets

Advanced technological capabilities

  • 100% of new solutions are digital
  • Super apps for an enhanced omnichannel experience
  • 7-8% of total revenue reinvested in tech
Innovation & tech

Diverse, skilled teams

  • 10,000 employees in 45 countries representing over 75 nationalities 
  • 51% of employees and 42% of managers are women
  • More than 3,000 employees contributing to the technological development of solutions
Our human capital

Sound, responsible financial model 

  • Total revenue of €2.0bn and EBITDA of €836m
  • Inclusion in the CAC 40 ESG index
  • €1.1bn in funding tied to extrafinancial performance targets
Our financial performances

Recognized expertise

  • 3 diversified business lines
  • 70% of operating revenue generated in markets where Edenred is the leader
  • Sustainable and balanced growth across all regions and business lines

Tangible commitment to society and the environment 

  • A CSR policy resulting in clear and measurable targets
  • Contribution to 12 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • 51% reduction in GHG emissions/sq.m compared with 2013 (scopes 1 & 2)
Our ESG commitments

Our pillars

Discover the megatrends in our markets 

Our model

250 specific-purpose payment programs across 3 business lines:

Schéma Modèle d'affaires

A dedidication to CSR...

... embedded in the Group's actions and solutions

The pillars of our policy

  1. 1. Improve quality of life for employees Be an employer of choice
  2. 2. Preserve the environment Achieve the SBTi (1) target of Net Zero Carbon by 2050
  3. 3. Create value responsibly Ethically develop and promote technologies contributing to well-being and sustainable mobility
Our ESG commitments

Our strategy

3 growth drivers

  • Scale the Core

    Grow further in existing, yet still largely underpenetrated markets

  • Extend Beyond

    Accelerate the deployment of services beyond core businesses

  • Expand in New Businesses

    Expand into promising new geographies

3 key enablers

  • Acquisition

    of new users by leveraging the B2B2C model

  • Engagement

    with users via fully digital everyday solutions

  • Monetization

    through the marketing of data-powered solutions and services

Our results and impact


  • Increased purchasing power and greater well-being
  • Easier access to soft mobility

Partner merchants

  • ~€38bn in additional revenue

Corporate clients

  • Greater employee engagement
  • Contribution to environmental targets
  • More efficient management of work-related travel
  • Optimized B2B payment processes

Public authorities

  • Reduction of the informal economy
  • Job creation and protection (1 job created for every 23 meal benefit users in France (2))
  • Support for stimulus policies and financing mechanisms

Environment and climate

  • 31% of solutions eco-designed
  • 500,000 metric tons of emissions avoided in the United States (3)

Edenred employees

  • 2,347 days of volunteering and 251 local associations supported
  • 86% of employees trained


  • Market capitalization up 3x since 2015
  • Dividend of €1.00 (4), up 11%
(1) SBTi: Science-based Target Initiative. (2) Source: study on the economic and fiscal performance of the lunch voucher scheme, KPMG-Fidal, 2017.
(3) Estimate based on 2019 data from the United States Department of Transportation and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
(4) Subject to shareholder approval at the General Meeting on May 11, 2023.