It all started with a small piece of paper. A voucher.
This is what we first used to connect restaurants and employees.
Since then, we Edenreders never stopped. Connecting here. Connecting on all continents.
Merchants, users, companies, public authorities, we make connections happen. But more importantly, we make them matter. Today, they are often temporary, we make them last. Many are unsafe, we build trust. Because it is about a shared moment. The joy of a gift. An easier day at work. More freedom on the drive. New guests in the restaurant. 
At Edenred, we believe great connections are an unstoppable force. We channel them to strengthen businesses and to foster inclusive solutions. We craft local ecosystems that create more wealth. And more health. Not only for people, but also for our environment. Better bonds can better life. We give them a purpose: grow progress. 
There is so much we can do with smarter ways to eat, move, care, pay and more, for people at work.
We look different today as we embrace new technologies. Still, we will always be a passport for sharing great stories.
By turning networks into net worth, we make people and our planet win.
This is our purpose.
Enrich connections. For good.

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