Hi, I’m Hakim, I’m 35 years old, I’m Front Office Treasurer at Edenred.

I started in 2012 as a Treasury Analyst and I’ve been working for 5 years in my current position.

My role is to propose the best investment solution that meet the best balance between bank counterparty risk, return and liquidity for all our geographies.

And secondly, to mitigate the foreign exchange, interest rates and oil price exposures.

Concretely, I read a lot, mainly macroeconomics, politics and I’m always in touch with my bank partners for being updated on market prices, market trends.

And well, I’m always chatting! Not only chatting, but also making recommendations to our internal customers and after that, trading with our bank partners.

Usually, in many companies, Treasury departments are seen as a functional support only.

Here at Edenred, due to its business model, Treasury is more central, and is not considered only as a cost center, but also as a profit center.

Financial markets can be quite complex for people, and we try to make it simple and to bring the easiest solution for our internal customers.

What I like the most at Edenred is the passion of the teams, and also the feeling to work in a start-up and in a large, listed company at the same time.

My best memory at Edenred, I would say the yearly football tournament of Edenred France, that we’ve won four times in a row.

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