I’m Elsa Ranchet, I’m Product Director at Edenred.

I joined the Group in 2012 as Project Manager within the Marketing department.

After 2 years working at the Headquarters in Paris, I joined Edenred Portugal as Project Manager first, then as Product and Innovation Director within the Executive Committee.

I was responsible for our platforms and products, such as the mobile application or the customer platform. Now, I’m back in Paris.

Strengthened by my experience on the field, I’m in charge of designing and developing our products of tomorrow.

At Edenred, I’ve been lucky to have a real career path: with international mobility, responsibilities very early and to take part in a women leadership mentoring program.

It allowed me to grow, develop my self-confidence and reveal my potential.

What I’ve always loved about Edenred is the ecosystem in which we evolve: we’re at the crossroads between a FinTech, a FoodTech and an HR Tech.

It’s also a company that is constantly evolving and reinventing itself.

Over the course of ten years, I’ve already seen several product revolutions: from paper to card, then to mobile.

Today, I work and I’m hoping to take part in the product revolution of tomorrow.

If I were to give some advice to someone joining Edenred today, I would tell him to dare. Dare to create, dare to try, dare to experiment with new things and never forget to have fun.

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