Hello, I’m Daniela. I joined Edenred Headquarters one year ago. 

I’m from Colombia and I’m currently working as a Customer Experience Analyst at Group level.

I’m part of the Customer Experience team, or the Passion for Customers project as we call it here.

Our team revolves around capturing and understanding our customers’ feedback and taking actions on it.

This actually means that, internally, we’re also driving a transformation project to strengthen our customer-centric culture at the company.

At the company, there are so many possibilities to exchange with other people and to learn from them.

In only a year, I’ve already worked with people in 10 different countries across three different continents.

On top of that, we work in an environment that allows you to really own and lead your project to success, and to be part of the discussion.

What makes me vibe at Edenred is definitely my team. 

We’re seven people from five different nationalities and more than half are women.

We benefit from autonomy, yet we’re always there to rely on each other, to help each other.

And we all come from different backgrounds, which makes us very complementary as a team, but also for the project that we’re putting in place.

To me, Edenred’s purpose, “Enrich connections. For Good.” means enriching our customers’ lives and making their journey easier.

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