I’m Andreea Lachapelle, I joined Edenred one year ago, and I’m currently working as Group Chief Data Officer.

My role today is to define the data strategy and the roadmap towards a data-powered company, with two main tasks: the first one is to deliver and to coordinate the use cases and data-powered solutions and the related technology, and the second one is to help and facilitate the data culture dissemination into the whole company.

Concretely, my role today is to identify our business internal pain points and our customer needs, and to bring the right data solution to them.

What I like the most about Edenred is the fast-moving environment, very results-focused and working together every day in a collaborative mode.

What makes me vibe at Edenred is the ability to identify the latest trends, being on the cutting-edge of technology and rapidly creating solutions and products for our customers.

If what you like is working in a challenging, tech, business-driven environment where you can put your ideas in action very fast, then Edenred is the best place for you.

A great achievement was to define a strong ambition on data and embark everybody on it.

“Enrich connections. For good.” means that we go beyond just providing a service or a solution.

There’s a human and social aspect in every part of our product that goes beyond technology itself.

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