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Press release • Finance

Edenred successfully placed its first sustainability-linked...

9 June 2021

Press release • Finance

Annual Shareholders'meeting of May 4, 2017

Edenred's Annual General Meeting was held in Paris yesterday, chaired by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bertrand Dumazy, and was attended by...

5 May 2017

Press release • Finance

Payment of the 2016 dividend

At their Annual Meeting yesterday, Edenred shareholders approved the payment of a 2016 dividend of €0.62 per share, with the option of reinvesting 50...

5 May 2017

Press release • Finance

First-Quarter 2017 Revenue

Solid like-for-like growth in operating revenue (up 10.0%)

18 April 2017

Press release • Finance

Change of the financial agenda

29 March 2017

Press release • Finance

Successful €500 million bond issue

Edenred announces the success of its €500 million 10-year 1.875% bond issue.

22 March 2017

Press release • Finance

2016 dividend recommended at the Annual Shareholders meeting on May 4, 2017

Timeline and process

15 March 2017

Press release • Development

Edenred launches new accounts payable management solution in Europe

Edenred today announces the launch in Europe of an accounts payable management solution that enables organizations to automate all of their...

8 March 2017

Press release • Finance

Publication of the 2016 annual results

Strong growth in earnings. EBIT up to a record high

23 February 2017

Press release • Human resources

With Edenstep, Edenred is offering young graduates two years of immersion in locations all over the world

Edenred is launching Edenstep, a graduate program that offers talented young people a 24-month full-immersion work placement. Starting in September...

8 February 2017