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Press release • Development

Edenred and Gecina are working to transform the lunch break...

Gecina, Europe’s leading office real estate company, and Edenred, the world leader in specific-purpose payment solutions, are joining forces to...

27 July 2021


Press release • Finance

Results of the 2017 dividend reinvestment plan

7 June 2018


Press release • Finance

Annual Shareholders meeting of May 3, 2018

Edenred, the world leader in transactional solutions for companies, employees and merchants, held its Annual Shareholders Meeting in Paris yesterday...

4 May 2018


Press release • Finance

Payment of the 2017 dividend

At their Annual Meeting yesterday, Edenred shareholders approved the payment of a 2017 dividend of €0.85 per share, with the option of reinvesting...

4 May 2018


Press release • Development

Edenred now holds almost all of ProwebCE’s capital

Edenred, the world leader in transactional solutions for companies, employees and merchants, has acquired an additional 27% in ProwebCE, the French...

27 April 2018


Press release • Finance

First-quarter 2018 revenue

Sustained growth across all businesses in both Europe and Latin America, in line with 2017

19 April 2018


Press release • Innovation

Signature of an agreement between Deliveroo and Edenred: French users of the Ticket Restaurant® card can have their meals delivered from April 16, 2018

From April 16, 2018, Deliveroo customers will be able to pay using their Ticket Restaurant cards.

13 April 2018


Press release • Development

Edenred Capital Partners invests in Candex, an innovative corporate payment solution

The Edenred group, via its venture capital structure Edenred Capital Partners, has acquired a stake in the American start-up Candex, specializing...

5 April 2018

2017 dividend

Press release • Finance

2017 dividend recommended at the Annual Shareholders Meeting on may 3, 2018

Timeline and process

15 March 2018

Press release • Communications

Edenred wins three TOP/COM awards for its rebranding

After winning two COM-ENT prizes in November 2017, Edenred won three additional awards for its rebranding at the 23rd TOP/COM Corporate Business...

9 March 2018