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Press release • Event

Edenred supplies restaurant cards to the 2,000 journalists...

Edenred, the world leader in payment solutions for the working world, was selected by the G7 organization team as one of the corporate...

20 August 2019

News • Communications

Eden for all: Edenred's employees rally to support local...

On December 10th, Edenred mobilized its employees for the 4th edition of International Solidarity Day.

2 April 2014

News • Rewards

Edenred France receives Client Service of the Year award

On October 17, Edenred France won the 2014 Client Service of the Year award in the "Prepaid services for businesses" category.

1 April 2014

News • Development

Edenred Brazil acquires the client portfolio of CBA Bonus

Edenred strengthens its position in Brazil by acquiring the client portfolio of the company Bônus, a player on the food and meal voucher market.

25 March 2014

News • Development

The Ticket Restaurant® card arrives in France!

Fifty years after launching the meal vouchers concept in France, Edenred launches the Ticket Restaurant® card.

18 March 2014

News •

An Ideal Meal recipe book for a gourmet world tour

The "Ideal Meal" book of balanced recipes takes you on a gourmet world tour. Promoting healthy nutrition, the Ideal Meal recipe book is made up of 33 ...

17 January 2014

News • Rewards

PrePay Solutions wins the 2013 award for "Best Prepaid...

PrePay Solutions was honored by the Prepaid Awards for the second year consecutively.

17 December 2013

News • Development

Edenred announces the acquisition of Nets Prepaid, leader...

Edenred has acquired Nets Prepaid , the leader in Finland’s benefits market. The acquisition has given the Group an undisputable leadership position i...

9 December 2013

News • Rewards

Edenred United States receives the 2013 "CIO 100" Award for...

The magazine CIO, specializing in information technologies, has rewarded Edenred United States for its platform dedicated to commuter benefits.

5 December 2013

News • Finance

Investor Day 2013, a meeting with investors and analysts

On November 12, 2013, Edenred organized its 3rd Investor Day in New York to outline its growth strategy

27 November 2013