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March 03, 2020

What are European fleet managers' priorities? Download the Edenred white paper

Edenred, a specialist in payment solutions for the working world and a leading player in fleet and mobility solutions, has published a white paper analyzing changes in European road transport and the challenges facing the sector.

The Edenred white paper is the product of a series of conversations with fleet managers, representing transporters of all sizes operating in Europe’s main markets, and analyses the challenges confronting the industry. It also discusses the opportunities the sector can grasp with the advent of new on-board vehicle technologies and innovative solutions for businesses and drivers.

Edenred White Paper

Driving Forces


Challenges and Opportunities in the European Road Transport Sector
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A fast-changing European road transport market

Notwithstanding the slowdown in the European economy since 2009, the European road transport market has achieved a brisk pace of growth between 2010 and 2019. Today it is worth €350 billion. 

From a geographical standpoint, central and eastern Europe has become a crucial region of the continent for road transport operators through major investments and the competitive level of costs there. For example, Poland now ranks number one in Europe’s road transport industry, after overtaking Germany recently. 

From a technological standpoint, the development of e-commerce and advances in fleet management have provided a boost to the sector’s efficiency and growth through a reduction in fleet managers’ expenses and improvements to vehicles’ loading capacity. The shift towards more environmentally friendly approaches is also driving far-reaching change in the sector, and how things will work in the future is not yet clear.

From a regulatory standpoint, the new “mobility packages” currently being adopted are expected to notably introduce greater protection for employees by gradually reducing costs and disparities in working conditions between different countries. It should also bring about fairer competition through, for example, tighter controls on cabotage and reinforced inspection capabilities.

The main challenges facing European carriers

In addition to the disruptive innovations in the shape of connected, electric and even self-driving vehicles currently looming large, the primary concerns across Europe of fleet managers – most of which represents small- and medium-sized enterprises – still relate to their day-to-day operations. The Edenred white paper explains each one of these four challenges:

  1. Hiring and retaining qualified drivers 
  2. Managing and maintaining the fleet
  3. Administering complex operating costs
  4. Having access to secure parking areas


Edenred, a specialised provider of fleet and mobility solutions for European road transporters

Edenred has in-depth knowledge and tremendous experience in the European road transport market through its UTA subsidiary, the number two distributor of fleet and mobility solutions across Europe, and through its local brands such as La Compagnie des Cartes Carburant in France and The Right Fuelcard Company in the United Kingdom.

Antoine Dumurgier, Chief Operating Officer of Edenred Fleet & Mobility Solutions, commented: “The Edenred white paper brings into relief the deep-rooted changes underway in European road transport. It sheds light on challenges facing the sector and also reveals the latest trends, including the advent of new on-board technologies in vehicles, which could prove to be growth and performance drivers for carriers. As the everyday companion for fleet managers, Edenred provides crucial support to industry professionals, helping them seize these growth opportunities while making technology-based solutions available so they are better able to meet today’s key challenges – hiring and retaining qualified drivers and also managing and servicing vehicle fleets.

Edenred offers its clients payment and management solutions covering expenses arising from vehicle fleet (such as fuel, toll, maintenance, telematics and financial services) and corporate expense solutions for expenses incurred by employees in the course of their activities.

Download the press release

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