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April 05, 2022

UTA Edenred partners with ChargePoint

The partnership marks the integration of a powerful pan-European electric vehicle charging solution into UTA Edenred’s mobility services.

UTA Edenred, a leading mobility service provider in Europe is partnering with ChargePoint (NYSE: CHPT), a leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network provider in Europe and in the USA. This partnership enables customers of UTA Edenred to access over 240,000 public electric charge points across 32 European countries. Edenred will support fleet managers in the transition towards electric vehicle usage, notably through the introduction of an all-in-one, fully integrated solution that combines electric vehicle charging solution with UTA Edenred’s proven energy, toll and maintenance services. 


Simplified management of mixed and electric fleets 

UTA Edenred’s new solution allows drivers to use the same card regardless of energy (conventional or electricity) and vehicle type (fully electric, hybrid, internal combustion engine). Drivers can also now locate and activate charging stations for electric vehicles, using a dedicated app.
UTA Edenred’s new solution gives fleet managers the opportunity to overcome administrative complexity associated with operating a mixed and electric fleet. Receiving an integrated invoice for their multi-energy consumption and thus having all expenses available transparently in one place significantly reduces the administrative effort. It also saves fleet managers’ both time and costs.  

Access to integrated data also enables mixed fleet operators to meet their fleets sustainability and carbon footprint objectives more accurately.

Jean-Urbain Hubau, Chief Operating Officer, Fleet & Mobility Solutions of Edenred, says: “The new partnership puts Edenred in a leading position to facilitate a smooth transition towards electric vehicle-based fleet mobility. Through the expansion of its network, Edenred will provide a highly thorough level of support, regardless of the energy source used by their vehicles. Leveraging Edenred’s Beyond Fuel strategy, fleet managers can enjoy an additional level of convenience and simplicity, even when managing fleets that use a variety of energy sources.

André ten Bloemendal, Senior Vice President Europe at ChargePoint, states: “Our partnership with UTA Edenred is essential for providing fleets with the fueling infrastructure and access they need, making their move towards electric mobility cost-effective and easy. UTA Edenred customers will enjoy an enhanced e-mobility solution that offers public, home and workplace charging, allowing drivers and companies to charge wherever and whenever they need.

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