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April 08, 2022

Team Edenred: Solitaire du Figaro and Route du Rhum races in sight

Edenred, a leading digital platform for services and payments and the everyday companion for people at work, is sponsoring ocean racing for the fifth year in 2022. Emmanuel Le Roch will set sail on the legendary transatlantic Route du Rhum next November, four years after first taking part in the race with Edenred. He will be competing at the helm of a new Class40, launched in 2021. Basile Bourgnon, meanwhile, is learning the ropes on the Figaro 3 with the aim of competing in the “rookie” class in the Solitaire du Figaro race this summer. In parallel, Edenred is sponsoring kitesurfer Peyo Cremades on an international program. 2022 is shaping up to be a year full of exciting solo events that the Edenred Dream Team will prepare for together.

D’une Route du Rhum à l’autre 

The Group’s alliance with French skipper Emmanuel Le Roch began in 2018, when he sailed the Edenred Class40 in the Route du Rhum. Four years later, both partners are back for another attempt, with a new Class40 and big ambitions. 

My goal is to be in the top 10. There are about 30 new boats in this class taking part in the race, so it’ll be exciting. I’ve been waiting for this event for three and a half years and I’m delighted to be racing solo again. My first Route du Rhum was the realization of a childhood dream. Today, it’s still a dream but I’m approaching it in a more relaxed and professional way. With this new boat, I’ve got the means to sail a great race. Plus I’ve got a lot more experience under my belt, mainly thanks to the two Transat Jacques Vabre races,” says Emmanuel.

The pre-season races will be a great chance to see how I stack up. I’ve been training with the new Orlabay center in La Trinité-sur-mer for the last few days. Having well-structured training sessions is vital in the run-up to the 1000 Milles des Sables, the first event of the year. There’ll be 17 Class40s at the starting line, many brand new. The competition will be stiff, so it’ll quickly get me back into the swing of solo racing.

Basile in the big league

Basile Bourgnon was only 17 years old in 2019 when he raced in his first Transat Jacques Vabre with Emmanuel Le Roch in the Edenred Class40. Following that, Edenred sponsored him for 18 months in a Mini 6.50, enabling him to completed his first solo transatlantic race, the Mini Transat, in 2021. 

Now, Basile is taking on the demanding yet formative Figaro circuit, with a three-year partnership with Edenred. In early January, the skipper joined France’s Finistère Course au Large ocean racing training center of excellence, which has worked with some of sailing’s biggest names. 

I couldn’t be happier, because I’ve got the opportunity to come to grips with the Figaro 3 in the best possible conditions thanks to Edenred. We have training sessions every two weeks and the rest of the time I’m on board preparing the boat my way. Jeanne Grégoire, Erwan Tabarly and Yann Eliès, our supervisors at the center, are wonderful. They’re incredibly experienced, and they’re really great people too. I listen to them carefully, I apply their methods and I’m making great progress.
There are a lot of young people in the team. We share all our tips and tricks, even though we’ll be competitors out on the water one day. It’s great having this physical and technical support – it’s a demanding boat that goes fast so there’s no room for improvisation. It’s a really good fit for me,
” says Basile, who finished first in the solo category and second overall in the Académie race, an event for young sailors getting started in the Figaro Bénéteau class. 

There were only nine boats racing but it’s really encouraging for the future. My goal this season is the Solitaire du Figaro. I’m aiming for a top 3 finish in the ‘rookie’ class. The races early in the season will help me adjust my ambitions,” says the Edenred skipper.

Peyo Cremades, kitesurfing for international exposure

Peyo Cremades, a promising young kitesurfer who, like Emmanuel Le Roch, is from the Morbihan region in western France, joined Team Edenred in 2021. The GKA Tour and Lord of Tram events will see Peyo travel from France to Spain then on to Brazil as part of an ambitious program in keeping with Edenred’s international outlook and presence in 46 countries around the world.

I’m really happy to be continuing the experience with Edenred – it gives me an extra boost. I’m going to give it my best for Edenred and for the team. We all encourage each other! My first Lord of Tram event in Port Barcarès in the south of France will be decisive in whether I go on to the next stages,” says Peyo, the youngest member of Team Edenred. 

By partnering with an experienced Class40 sailor like Emmanuel and ambitious youngsters like Basile in Figaro racing and Peyo in kitesurfing, the Edenred group is sending a strong signal about its commitment to sailing. 

I’m proud of what our sailors have achieved. In just a few years, we’ve managed to create a close-knit, professional team that can hold its own in ocean racing. Passionate and hard-working, Team Edenred strives day after day to meet the sporting ambitions that we set together, like racing in the Solitaire du Figaro, Route du Rhum and other legendary events. As we enter the 2022 season, which looks sure to be an exciting one, Team Edenred can count on the support of our 10,000 employees in 46 countries,” says Bertrand Dumazy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Edenred.


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