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March 03, 2017

Progress made for Ticket Car in Mexico

Edenred, the leader on the Expense management market in Mexico, keeps innovating and is broadening its product range with two new value-added services: Ticket Car 4.0 and Ticket Car Pro.
Ticket Car
in Mexico

corporate clients

service stations

Launched in Mexico in 1995, Ticket Car vouchers are made available to employees by employers to cover their fuel costs during business trips. They thus allow companies to manage expenses related to their vehicle fleets more efficiently.

The solution was gradually broadened to include repair and maintenance expenses and also offers the ability to view the CO2 emissions of vehicle fleets. Two new services were added to the Ticket Car range in 2016: Ticket Car Pro and Ticket Car 4.0. 

A sticker to pay for fuel

Designed to guarantee the optimum allocation of fuel expenses for corporate clients, in particular by combating fraud, Ticket Car 4.0 is a contactless payment solution relying on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. 

Fuel is paid for thanks to an NFC sticker stuck to the windshields of vehicles. To confirm and pay for a transaction, a user simply waves the payment terminal over the sticker.

Since every sticker is associated with a specific vehicle, the system ensures the correct allocation of the balance credited to the Ticket Car card.

This solution is currently being tested by a company operating one of the largest vehicle fleets in Latin America: 30,000 vehicles are fit with Ticket Car 4.0 NFC badges. 


Edenred Mexico also launched Ticket Car Pro, a mobile application enabling fleet managers to view information about the use of cards, credit them, or block their balance.

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