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December 21, 2016

Our solutions are accepted by 1.4 million merchants

Located all over the world, they are Edenred's key partners. Who are Edenred's affiliated merchants? What are the Group's relations with these privileged partners? A close-up.

Whether they are restaurant owners, heads of childcare centers, or managers of gas stations, grocery stores or retail outlets, they have a unique relationship with Edenred: affiliation.

Around the world, over a million merchants accept the Group's solutions (payment with a card or mobile device for example), which generate traffic in their stores.

Cyril Challe, Affiliate Development Director for Edenred France in the area of gift vouchers and cards, describes this relationship which benefits both parties. An expert in affiliation, he has divided up his team into major business sectors (fashion, sports, culture, etc.). He supports merchants from the prospecting phase or the receipt of an affiliation request through to the signing of a contract.

"For a merchant, being affiliated to Edenred has three main advantages. First of all, we provide them with traffic. Employees with gift vouchers might go to a store they were not previously familiar with. 

Second of all, we increase the store's revenue. Especially since in most cases, employees make purchases worth more than the value of their vouchers. 

Last but not least, we give them visibility. Every year, over five million French employees receive an Edenred gift voucher, increasingly in digital format, or go to a website to learn about the network in which they can spend their vouchers. This is a great way to place merchants in the spotlight!


In 2015, over €18 billion were spent with 1.4 million merchants around the world thanks to Edenred.

In addition to generating business and visibility, Edenred undertakes multiple initiatives to provide merchants with exclusive services. In order to support them in a rapidly changing sector, Edenred has combined internal Research & Development with open innovation to offer them tailored solutions. The two approaches have the following points in common: attentiveness to needs and observation of uses.


Facilitating card-based payment in the Czech Republic

Aware that few of its partner restaurants were equipped with payment terminals, Edenred developed a mobile application accepting the Ticket Restaurant® card thanks to contactless technology. The application is available for smartphones and tablets.


Boosting revenue in Sweden

After surveying its affiliated merchants, the Swedish subsidiary developed an advanced management tool. The goal? To optimize their management (invoicing, refund monitoring) and improve their commercial performance by thoroughly analyzing data on the use of meal vouchers. Restaurant owners can thus tailor their products to the specific needs of their customers, all while adopting the appropriate positioning in relation to the competition.


Speeding up the ordering process in Brazil

By increasing its stake in VocêQpad, a start-up offering a mobile application for restaurant ordering and payment, Edenred has resolved a major issue for its affiliates: saving time and being more efficient during the lunch rush!


Attracting more customers in Europe

Edenred Capital Partners has invested in Zenchef, a start-up that helps restaurants boost their visibility on the Internet to win over and earn the loyalty of new customers. The secret? A turnkey digital solution with a website and reservation and communication tools.

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