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April 22, 2016

NutriSavings is now available to the US policyholders of John Hancock Insurance

Improve the health of Americans by inciting them to adopt a healthier diet: this is the promise of the NutriSavings program, which has now been made available to the policyholders of the John Hancock Insurance life insurance company.

More than two-thirds of Americans aged over 20, and
32 % of children in the US, are overweight or obese.
Poor eating habits account for one quarter of deaths, or almost 700,000 deaths a year, in the United States.


NutriSavings is a health-oriented program that consists of converting the contents of a shopping basket into a nutritional score that is rewarded by vouchers
The goal? To promote better health through a better diet in order to reduce employee health care costs, which are paid by employers in the United States, thanks to better eating habits.
The program is a response to the recurrent problem of chronic diseases that account for more than 70 % of health care costs, obesity and a poor diet. Adopting a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can prevent heart disease and other chronic illnesses that are a major issue in the United States, where almost 30 % of adults are obese*. 

NutriSavings NutriSavings users scan their shopping to discover the nutritional value and to score the corresponding number of points.


Vitality, the complete “healthy” life insurance offer  

In April 2016, John Hancock Insurance included the NutriSavings offer in its Vitality life insurance program, which promotes good health and well-being. Policyholders are now rewarded for choosing healthy foods. They can make savings of up to $600 per year and earn points for their annual premiums. 
16,000 stores all over the country, including Walmart and other leading grocery chains, are part of the network. Edenred is also supporting policyholders by providing nutritional information and advice that will help them adopt healthier eating habits.

In view of the importance of staying mobile for all its users, Edenred offers the NutriSavings solution on all types of appliances.


*Source AFP


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