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April 14, 2017

More than 50,000 stores now accepting Ticket Restaurant® Touch in Japan

Launched in April 2016, the digital meal solution Ticket Restaurant® Touch is now accepted at more than 50,000 stores nationwide. This growth is due to convenience as Ticket Restaurant® fits to all kinds of work styles.

Ticket Restaurant® Touch enables users to pay for their lunch holding their card close to a contactless payment terminal . Furthermore, various services can be used from the “Ticket Restaurant®” smartphone app or portal site, such as location services to search for affiliated stores as well as checking card usage history and balance. 

Employee Benefit service suitable for a new era of work styles

With a usage rate higher than 99%, Ticket Restaurant® is much appreciated by Japanese employees. It enables them to enjoy their lunch break regardless of their work style or their work place thanks to a large acceptance network: work at office or at home, workers outside of office or part-time workers, etc. The service is now available at more than 50,000 stores including major restaurant chain stores, local popular restaurants and convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, FamilyMart and Lawson.



Lunchtime in japan

Japanese people consider lunch break as a key moment in their working day: two third of them dedicate more than 30 minutes to it according to the “What is your Ideal meal?” survey conducted by Edenred in 2016. Group employees usually take it outside the office in restaurants and consume take-away food several times a week. Their meal generally consists in a single “platter” on which all dishes are served at the same time. 

We are very pleased with the way Ticket Restaurant® Touch has grown since its launch last spring. The key success factor has been the convenience it is bringing not only to the accepting stores but primarily to our corporate clients and beneficiaries. In a labour market close to full employment, employers are looking for ways to better attract and retain employees, and employees truly appreciate tangible benefits like Ticket Restaurant®. We want to continuously enrich all employees’ lives and contribute to our corporate client’s efficiency.” Laurent Gachet, CEO of Edenred Japan

Discover the results of the “What is your Ideal meal?” survey conducted by Edenred in Japan

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