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October 01, 2012

Launch of a finder tool for FOOD restaurants

In recent months, a new feature of the FOOD program (Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand) can locate restaurants offering a healthy and balanced diet.

This interactive works in the same way as Google Maps; it is incorporated into the site and offers to locate restaurants committed to a balanced diet close to where you are. For accurate results, you may choose various criteria such as country *, the type of cuisine or make a request with the name of the restaurant directly.

Build a network of FOOD restaurants

To be part of this network, restaurateurs must comply with certain recommendations, previously defined by each country involved in the FOOD program.
Today, over 2,500 places are listed. All interested restaurateurs can join the network and register at any time.
Eating healthy and balanced when away from home can be compatible with taste and pleasure, then provide any feedback on the site and rate your favorite restaurants.
Discover the best and exceptional addresses closest to you

* Please note that only countries involved in the FOOD program (Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Sweden) are referenced.


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