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February 04, 2019

ISO 26000: the CSR policy of Edenred France successfully audited

At the end of 2018, Edenred France was evaluated according to the ISO 26000 standard, which defines guidelines for corporate social responsibility (CSR). The upshot was a score of 4.02/5, which testifies to a well-organized, comprehensive and substantiated adoption of the CSR policy.

These days, commitment to CSR plays a vital and growing role in a company's reputation. According to the market research firm Reputation Institute, CSR accounted for 43% of the overall reputation of a company in 2017 (40% in 2016). Civic engagement is even considered the second most important aspect, after the products and services offered by the company. It was therefore essential for Edenred France to regularly assess the relevance and effectiveness of its actions.

The choice of a recognized reference system

The ISO 26000 audit – an international benchmark for CSR – is carried out on more than 140 points across 7 core subjects: organizational governance; human rights; labor practices; the environment; fair operating practices; consumer issues; and community involvement and development.

The choice of this benchmark makes it possible for Edenred France to benefit from:

  • an objective evaluation (conducted by the independent Bureau Veritas organization) across the broadest possible spectrum,
  • an evaluation of its current status and its areas for improvement as part of a continuous improvement process,
  • the affirmation of a sincere and tangible CSR commitment vis-à-vis all of its stakeholders, beyond declarations of principle.

Exemplary actions

Recognizing the high standard of Edenred France's commitment, Bureau Veritas commented on the findings of its audit as follows: "The 4.02/5 rating proves that Edenred France's approach is mature and an integral part of its culture and operating mode while reflecting a capacity to self-improve".

Several concrete actions were confirmed as exemplary. In the first place, the commitment made to improving the environmental and societal impact of all the Business Unit's solutions by 2020, and the actions already implemented, such as the comparative life cycle analysis of the "Ticket Restaurant" vouchers (paper and card), or recycling of the "Ticket Restaurant" card, which enables all the materials involved to be reused.

In addition, Edenred France was hailed for its commitment to equal opportunities for access to employment and especially the introduction of new recruitment methods - an initiative already rewarded by the MozaïkRH Foundation.

Congratulations to Edenred France for this positive evaluation which provides the perfect motivation to do better still!

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