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June 24, 2021

Edenred employees step up to support local communities on Idealday

On Friday, June 25, 2021, Edenred is encouraging its 10,000 employees across 46 countries to devote some of their working hours to local communities as part of Idealday, the Group’s worldwide solidarity event. 

More community-minded than ever, with 85 outreach initiatives in 2021



This unique day showcases the full spectrum of Edenred’s “Ideal” corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, with initiatives such as serving meals to disadvantaged people, cleaning natural areas and reaching out to talk with people experiencing hardship. 

For the fifth Idealday, 85 community outreach initiatives will be held across the world, in cities as wide-ranging as Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, London and Brussels. 

In France, Edenred’s teams will split up to carry out various projects. Some will create green spaces in retirement homes throughout Paris’s western suburbs. Others will work alongside local non-profit organizations such as Rejoué, to repair toys and give them a second life, Lille-based La Cloche, to promote the inclusion of homeless people, and HopHopFood, which combats food waste by steering unsold goods to people in need. Others still will do their part for the environment by picking up litter around Fontainebleau forest. 

Among initiatives carried out in other parts of the world, Edenred Singapore will hold a beach clean-up for its staff, while Group employees in Romania will pick up trash in the woods in Bucharest. Teams from Edenred Belgium will train small retailers in digital technology so they can develop their businesses, while 1,000 employees in Brazil will organize both in-person and online activities to help young people into the job market, chat with the elderly and support local non-profits.

Check out Edenred’s Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter accounts for all the latest on employee #Idealday initiatives on June 25, 2021.


A symbol of Edenred’s social commitments

Launched in 2017, Idealday gives Edenred employees the chance to get involved in outreach initiatives falling under one of the three pillars of the Group’s CSR policy: Idealpeople, which aims to improve quality of life; Idealplanet, which works to preserve the environment; and Idealprogress, which seeks to create value responsibly. Idealday also reflects the Group's purpose, unveiled at the Edenred General Meeting on May 11: “Enrich connections. For good.”

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