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January 17, 2014

An Ideal Meal recipe book for a gourmet world tour

The "Ideal Meal" book of balanced recipes takes you on a gourmet world tour. Promoting healthy nutrition, the Ideal Meal recipe book is made up of 33 balanced recipes submitted by Edenred employees.

On October 16, 2013, for the first time ever, Edenred organized international Ideal Meal Day around a common theme: What is the 'Ideal' recipe in your country?
Many employees participated by submitting their recipes. The recipes were voted on locally by internal juries made of employees, partners and affiliated merchants. Three criteria had been set for choosing each country's recipe: it needed to be healthy, delicious and affordable. It was thus an original way to invite employees to think about what makes up an Ideal meal in their country.  

Now compiled together in a book, these 33 recipes, which reflect the Group's cultural diversity, appear alongside a narrative of the activities carried out by each subsidiary on Ideal Meal Day, with testimonials and photos of the teams in action.

Download the recipe book

"The love of good food is part of Edenred's history. Since the company was founded, we have worked to create a vision of lunch as a moment for the sharing and pleasure that is necessary for our well-being. From the mess tin of the 1960s, to the modern lunch box, we have always taken up this challenge with relish, day after day. With this recipe book, we wanted to ask our employees what they considered to be a good meal – an 'Ideal' meal – in their country. This is because the men and women who work at Edenred are also gourmets of all kinds, so they were keen to take part in this project and share their favorite healthy recipes with us. The result reflects the culinary diversity of the countries in which we operate." Jeanne Renard, Executive Vice President for Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Ideal meal, a challenge for everyone

With Ideal Meal, the central component of its corporate social responsibility approach, Edenred intends to promote a healthy, balanced diet at an affordable price in the countries where it operates. With the support of 6,000 employees, 610,000 companies and public sector clients and 1.3 million affiliated merchants, the Group is taking action to improve the eating habits of its 38 million beneficiaries around the world.
This recipe book will offer a way to put into practice some initial advice for healthy everyday eating.

Discover recipes, anecdotes and advice for delicious, healthy eating in this book available in English, FrenchSpanish and Portuguese.  

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