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January 08, 2021

The Group comes together for Edenraid 2020, its solidary and connected sports challenge

On the occasion of the 4th Edenraid challenge, the unprecedented commitment of employees in 46 countries allowed Edenred to make a maximal donation to the Médecins Sans Frontières [Doctors Without Borders] NGO.

From October 1st to November 30, 2020, the 4th edition of the Edenraid challenge brought together thousands of Group employees who demonstrated their unwavering commitment at a time when solidarity is more than ever a crucial value.

Despite the difficult conditions in many countries, over 2,500 participants succeeded in running or riding on a bike a total distance of some 820,000 km, which rose by 30% compared to last year's – way above the initial goal of 500,000 km.

Thanks to this impressive achievement (20 times the circumference of the Earth!), the Group was able to make a donation to Médecins Sans Frontières for an amount of 35,000 euros, the maximum that was possible if the challenge was successfully completed.

The donation was symbolically handed over on January 8, 2021 to Thierry Allafort-Duverger, General Manager, MSF France, on behalf of all Group employees.

Bertrand Dumazy, President & CEO of Edenred, declared on this occasion: "I am proud, this year again, of the amanzing commitment of our great Edenred familiy for Médecins Sans Frontières, an organization which needs more support than even in these unprecedented times."



About Médecins Sans Frontières

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) translates to Doctors without Borders. MSF, an international medical and humanitarian organization, was founded in 1971 in Paris by a group of journalists and doctors. All around the world, it provides medical assistance to people whose life or health is threatened, mostly in situations of conflict, epidemics, pandemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. 

Discover MSF

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