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November 29, 2011

First Edenred Investor Day: Poised to Conquer 2012

Growth built on innovation.

On its first Investor Day, Edenred is providing a detailed look at the two core components of its “Conquer 2012” strategy: 

Continue to drive organic issue volume growth in the core business, in particular by creating and deploying new solutions. 

Edenred is focusing on four drivers to achieve its issue volume organic growth objective of 6% to 14% per year: 

  • Increase penetration rates in existing markets in order to drive up issue volume by 2% to 5%. 
  • Create new solutions and deploy existing ones, gradually ramping up to achieve 2% to 4% annual growth after 2012 once the organization and resources needed to launch and deploy innovative solutions have been implemented. 
  • Extend geographical coverage, ramping up in six to eight new countries between now and 2016, which will add 1% to 2% to issue volume growth after 2014. 
  • Increase face values with the aim of lifting issue volume by 1% to 3%. 

In addition to leveraging these four organic growth drivers, the Group will carry out targeted acquisitions that will be quickly accretive to earnings, thereby consolidating its leadership position in existing markets. 

Accelerate the transition to digital solutions, paving the way for new growth opportunities. 

Stepping up the digital transition will enable the Group to achieve electronic issue volume of 50% in 2012 versus 34% at end-2010. By 2016, more than 70% of Group issue volume will be in digital format. 

For Edenred, whose business model combines robust growth and significant cash flow generation, the “Conquer 2012” objectives are in line with a long-term strategy to ensure that the Group enjoys strong, steady growth in the years beyond 2016.

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