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July 31, 2012

Explore Edenred City and discover the Edenred Group’s good environmental practices

Explore Edenred City and discover the Edenred Group’s good environmental practices

Did you know?

  • In the United Kingdom, energy consumption has dropped 26% thanks to server virtualization, with Edenred’s offices in Chester now having 2 instead of its previous 16 machines
  • Edenred France has been printing its Ticket Restaurant® vouchers on FSC-certified recycled paper since January 2012
  • In 2009, Edenred launched the Ticket Carbon Control program in Brazil, allowing Ticket Car® client companies to calculate CO2 emissions from their vehicles through their fuel use.

Edenred City represents the three areas of the company’s environmental commitment:  its offices, its production site and its environmental services for clients and affiliates.
Areas with major environmental impacts are highlighted by a red dot.

When you click on one, a window appears and provides information such as:

  • figures to inform visitors of the importance of each area
  • examples of good practices that have been put into place in the Group's various subsidiaries to act in favor of the environment
  • advice on how individuals can take action

Explore Edenred City!

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