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November 12, 2015

€7.5 billion in favor of meals thanks to the meal voucher

Five decades after the introduction of meal vouchers, a survey by Alternatives Economiques on behalf of the service vouchers issuers trade association explains their three-fold success.

In 2014 in France, 3.8 million employees used 763 million meal vouchers representing a total value of €5.8 billion. In the course of 50 years, this means of paying for employees' meals, used by 140,000 companies, 78 % of which have fewer than 25 employees, has become comparable with company canteens in terms of scale.
Meal vouchers have created an industry that generates wealth and jobs and that has become a vehicle projecting the French economy and its social model in more than 40 countries worldwide.
A success founded on the original system that has allowed meal vouchers to grow, and on the services that they render. Meal vouchers are a win-win-win tool in terms of employees social benefits, wellness as well as on an economic level.

  • On the social front, they restore and guarantee a form of equality between employees.
  • In terms of wellness, meal vouchers provide access to quality meals, which are good for employees' health and for the organization of their working day. This contributes to improved employee performance during their working day.
  • On the economic level, meal vouchers make a significant contribution to the vitality and to employment in the catering business. It actively participates to regional economic development.

Read the instutitional brochure (in French)

Read a summary of the survey (in French) 

And elsewhere around the world?    

Edenred offers Ticket Restaurant® solutions in 30 countries to enable employees to eat lunch at restaurants. In most of the Group's host countries, Edenred's subsidiaries undertake studies to verify the benefits of its model for the entire ecosystem: employees, businesses, restaurants and States.
For example, the Finnish subsidiary recently demonstrated that tax exemptions for meal vouchers are quickly paid off through their positive impact on Finnish employment.

Read the results of the study undertaken by the Oxford Research Institute


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