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November 20, 2020

Edenred Ticket Restaurant employee benefit now available in the US

Edenred announced the launch of Ticket Restaurant, its prepaid meal card benefit in the United States. The exclusive AnytimePay feature provides also paycheck advances for added financial well-being.


Already being used in 35 countries, Ticket Restaurant® is a program designed for employers to subsidy employee meals and/or grocery shopping. This employee benefits solution specifically addresses health and nutrition needs which positively impact employee retention, productivity, and well-being.

Ticket Restaurant allows employees to use a prepaid card to purchase meals at work or home from restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and popular food delivery apps such as DoorDash, Grubhub, Waitr, and Postmates. Online and on the Ticket Restaurant mobile app, participants can check balances, manage their accounts, and request paycheck advances thanks to an exclusive AnytimePay feature. 

Particularly relevant for addressing the trends that emerged or intensified at the height of the health crisis, such as remote working, Edenred’s Ticket Restaurant increases employer’s attractiveness, while improving workers’ productivity and wellbeing by securing a budget for food. Employers can customize the program according to their needs using features like daily spending allowances, allowing/blocking specific merchants, and more.

Ed Fleischmann, CEO at Edenred Benefits, says: "The pandemic is changing the way employers reward and motivate employees. Most employee benefits and perks were oriented to work-from-office, like corporate cafeterias or free snacks. Ticket Restaurant is a new solution that gives employees the flexibility to dine no matter where they are, at home, or in the office."


Enhanced Financial Flexibility with AnytimePay Feature

Employees who enroll in Ticket Restaurant have the option to sign up for AnytimePay, an exclusive feature that allows participants to receive instant paycheck advances to cover additional or unexpected meal and food costs.

Paycheck advances with zero APR can be requested in seconds on Ticket Restaurant mobile app, funds are added instantly to the Ticket Restaurant card. 

"We understand that financial emergencies can happen to anyone, having to wait until the next paycheck to pay for food and groceries can be very stressful. AnytimePay help employees bridge that gap if the paycheck is several days away. Facilitating access to food is an added feature that solidifies the value of Ticket Restaurant as a unique benefit that is focused on employee nutrition, health, and financial well-being", Ed Fleischmann adds.

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