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May 17, 2016

Edenred Taiwan teams up with Wowprime, the country's largest catering group

Thanks to this partnership, the famous Taiwanese restaurant chain Wowprime is now accepting Edenred Taiwan's Ticket Xpress vouchers in its various restaurants.

By entering into this large-scale partnership, Edenred has joined forces with the largest group of restaurants in Taiwan, renowned for its 12 brands, some 270 restaurants and 21 million consumers. Since April 21, Ticket Xpress beneficiaries have been able to transform their dedicated Wowprime Ticket Xpress e-vouchers into a main dish, dessert or beverage in the Wowprime restaurant chain. Every voucher, which can be converted at an affiliated restaurant, represents either a drink, a coffee or a specific dish to be enjoyed directly onsite. This is a completely mobile solution, based on e-vouchers either sent through text-messaging or email or downloaded directly from a dedicated application.

Committed to an eco-friendly marketing approach since 2005, Wowprime has developed several digital marketing channels. The solution offered by the Taiwanese subsidiary is thus perfectly in line with the strategy of the catering giant, for whom it is essential to provide high-quality catering services all while saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. These aims are consistent with those of the Group as part of Ideal green, its solidarity program.


This is a completely mobile solution
John Wu, Managing Director of Edenred Taiwan


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