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January 19, 2017

Edenred launches a mobile payment solution for lunch benefit in Finland

Good news for Finnish employees who use meal cards: starting in January 2017, they can pay for their lunch with their smartphone.

Simple, fast and virtuous, mobile payments can be made using the free application MyEdenred. This innovation, which was tested by 20,000 employees in December 2016, is now accessible to all users to pay their food expenses.

Mobile payment leaves employees more time to enjoy their lunch break 

Payments are made by simply entering the name of the restaurant, the cost of the meal and then confirming the payment. An electronic receipt then appears on the screen of the mobile, which is presented to the merchant in order to finalize the transaction.

This new solution also makes the everyday work of affiliate restaurant owners easier

Edenred has developed a dedicated portal for affiliate restaurant owners. The portal contains all the necessary services and information required to track transactions by mobile in real time, even during peak periods at midday, to check the transactions report and to make bank transfers. Through the portal, affiliates can also access to their voucher settlement history, an ordering voucher pick up service and instructions.

Initially developed for food expenses, mobile payment is now booming in Finland and will be extended to recreational benefit in 2017. 

Edenred multiplies its mobile payment initiatives

The smartphone is our future means of payment. Edenred is speeding up its development in the realm of mobile payment in order to keep pace with the digital revolution.

In France and Spain, employees can use Apple Pay to make contactless payments for their lunch with their iPhone or their Apple Watch. Edenred is the first and the only meal vouchers issuer to propose this innovation.

In Taiwan, the Edenred Group and Carrefour have launched the innovative Ticket Xpress service for the distribution, management and exchange of dematerialized vouchers. 

Finally, the Ticket Restaurant Mobile application has reinvented the lunch break for Italian employees. In addition to contactless payment, the application proposes a range of services, such as a search function for good places to eat.



Five mobile payment solutions launched in 2016



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