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May 04, 2017

Edenred launches its 2016 - 2017 Activity Report on Instagram

The latest edition of Edenred’s Activity Report has just been released. A combined system of social media and print that invites readers to discover the inventor of Ticket Restaurant in a new light.

The central theme of this issue is “EdenTouch”, which is an expression of Edenred’s digital philosophy and its unique position at the heart of a network of 43 million employees, 1.4 million merchants and 750,000 companies. This publication contains the latest highlights related to the Group’s strategy, such as the growth of digital technology in Employee benefits, the ramp-up of the Expense management activity and the move into the Corporate Payments market.















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For the first time, the Activity Report is being published on Instagram, the social network where  photos and videos can be shared and that is used mainly on smartphones by 700 million people worldwide. An appealing way to communicate with increasingly broad targets and to illustrate how Edenred adds value to the world of work every day.


The publication of our Activity Report is an opportunity to show just how rich our Group is. This year, we decided to express our unique position through an innovative means of communication. Edenred is a highly digital and social company. We bond millions of employees, employers and merchants. Instagram will enable us to illustrate our promise of connectivity, reliability and daring to an increasingly broad audience.” Anne-Sophie Sibout, Director of Communications, Edenred.

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