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February 28, 2019

Edenred joins the fight against food waste

Last October, Edenred and the start-up Framheim jointly defined the precise criteria for the awarding of the Restaurants Engagés Anti-Gaspi® 2019 designation to restaurants committed to combating food waste. After consulting more than 180,000 eateries, 100 restaurants with the most advanced initiatives earned the designation.

The fight against food waste is an environmental, economic and social issue set to become a factor that differentiates socially committed restaurant owners in tune with consumers’ growing demands.

On the occasion of the official announcement of their partnership on October 16, 2018, Edenred and the start-up Framheim unveiled the criteria for eligibility to the Restaurants Engagés Anti-Gaspi® 2019 designation.

Framheim, which specializes in the fight against food waste, sent a questionnaire to some 180,000 Edenred partner restaurant owners in France to find out more about their practices and commitments to this issue.

As a result, 100 establishments will earn the designation, while the other eligible restaurants will benefit from preferential conditions in order to obtain the designation in the future. 

But this action does not stop there. Throughout the year, the establishments which already have the designation will regularly receive feedback and advice on best practices.

From a more pragmatic perspective, for restaurant owners, the fight against food waste is also a means of consolidating margins and continually improving the quality of the offer available to customers. The savings made by reducing food waste enable restaurant owners to buy better, organic or local produce”, explains Dominique Brechon, co-founder of Framheim.

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