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January 21, 2021

Edenred introduces the first virtual Ticket Restaurant® without a plastic card

0% paper, 0% plastic, 100% Ticket Restaurant®

Edenred, the inventor of Ticket Restaurant® and a leading provider of digital meal-voucher solutions in France, is launching the first 100% electronic version of Ticket Restaurant®.

This solution, which can be used directly on a smartphone, employs 0% paper and 0% plastic, but is still 100% Ticket Restaurant®, delivers the best possible experience for employee users, plus all the same features as a traditional card, less the plastic. 

They can make the most of their lunch breaks at the office or working from home thanks to contactless payments by cellphone or a connected watch, as well as for meal delivery.

Ticket Restaurant® is adapting to meet the environmental concerns of French businesses and citizens even more effectively

With remote working now widespread, the virtual version of Ticket Restaurant® enables employers to provide simple, rapid digital access to their employees in a secure manner. Instead of receiving a letter and a plastic card at their home address, new employee users get an email enabling them to set up their account on the MyEdenred application and activate their virtual Ticket Restaurant® card directly in Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay (depending on what type of smartphone they have). Likewise, new hires will be able to use their Ticket Restaurant from their first day with a business directly using the MyEdenred mobile app—without even having to wait for a plastic card to arrive. 

For users, the virtual version of Ticket Restaurant® operates like a digital canteen, making it perfect for working from home and totally flexible, since employees can enjoy the dish of their choice for lunch whenever and wherever they want. The solution can also make contactless payments via a smartphone to the 220,000 members of the Ticket Restaurant® network and set up office or home deliveries directly under the partnerships established by Edenred with over 40 meal delivery platforms, including Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Dejbox.

Vianney du Parc, General Manager, Edenred France, commented: “Edenred, already the leader in digital meal-voucher solutions in France with Ticket Restaurant®, is now the first player on the market to offer a plastic-free solution accepted across such a broad network of outlets. It’s a next-generation Ticket Restaurant® built for today’s more connected world with more homeworking. It is tailored to fit the new working patterns of businesses and their employees, caused or speeded up by the pandemic. First and foremost, it is aligned with a major environmental imperative.” 

For businesses:

  • Environmental responsibility: no more plastic or paper
  • Social responsibility: solution perfectly suited to working from home and the pandemic-related constraints
  • Simplicity: no more paper or card deliveries
  • Speed: employees can be issued with their card in 24h

For employee users: 

  • Environmental responsibility: no more plastic or paper
  • Simplicity: 100% digital, always on hand
  • Speed: Ticket Restaurant® amounts are received and can be used straight away
  • Security: reduced risk of loss or theft, access to MyEdenred at all times


0% paper, 0% plastic, 100% Ticket Restaurant®

The virtual version of Ticket Restaurant® will help to achieve environmental targets. Ultimately, it will save 300 tonnes of paper and plastic. Following in the footsteps of Edenred Spain, which has already introduced its virtual offering, the Edenred Group is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and shrinking the environmental impact of its solutions over the long term. 


A 100% digital experience

Users are at the forefront of Edenred’s innovation efforts. The 100% electronic Ticket Restaurant® provides a simple and rapid experience in two stages:

  1. Creating their MyEdenred account with the e-mail containing all the relevant information
  2. Adding Ticket Restaurant® to the smartphone’s wallet (e.g., Apple Pay) directly from the MyEdenred app

Then they can simply enjoy the whole digital Ticket Restaurant® experience, including contactless payment via restaurant and retailer payment terminals, delivery platforms, MyEdenred’s special offers, “Dej entre collègues” theme-based meals, search for nearby restaurants using geolocation, online assistance.

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