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December 29, 2021

Edenred Greece is celebrated at the Mobile Excellence Awards for 3rd consecutive year

Silver Award in the "Food & Drink Mobile Applications" category for the mobile app, MyEdenred®.

Edenred Greece was celebrated once again at the Mobile Excellence Awards. The company was honored to be awarded for the 3rd consecutive year, winning the Silver Award in the "Food & Drink Mobile Applications" category for its MyEdenred®️ app.

Edenred strives to provide a completely self-service and secure experience right at the core of its transactions. The enhanced functions of the MyEdenred®️ app enables the company to do just that for users in Greece. Consequently, the MyEdenred® app was recognized in its category for the 3rd onsecutive year as a reward for its continuous evolution.

The application is now an integral part of daily life for Edenred cardholders in Greece with multiple functions available. MyEdenred® is constantly evolving and is here to return the trust of its partners and users, whether that is adding cards directly to their digital wallets, 24/7 autonomous management, balance check and transaction history for instant updates, or easy-to-find partner stores with multiple search capabilities. A typical example of this evolution are the mobile payments with Edenred cards, as the user has the ability to add their card to the digital wallet of their choice (Edenred Pay, Apple Pay & Google Pay) and enjoy contactless mobile transactions easily, quickly, and securely.

"Progress and innovation have always been at the core of our operations. We continue to invest in the ongoing evolution of our services, as well as in the user experience. We have reframed the great commercial challenges and changes in public lifestyle as an opportunity to accelerate the digital transformation of our services. The Mobile Excellence Awards have been acclaimed as one of the most important reward institutions in the field of mobile technology, highlighting innovation in applications, services, and infrastructure. This year's award – like the previous two –  is the best reward for the steady development of MyEdenred® app, which is constantly enriched with new features and functions aiming for the best digital experience for the user," said Thanos Ampazis, IT Director of Edenred Greece.

Organized on Thursday 9 December for the seventh consecutive year, the Mobile Excellence Awards highlight the top products and best business practices in the Greek mobile market.

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