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September 04, 2014

Edenred France launches its expense management card

With Ticket Travel Pro®, Edenred France offers companies an integrated solution that allows them to optimize employee travel expenses.

Ticket Travel Pro® is an all-in-one solution, comprising a reloadable card, a reservation page on the web and a platform dedicated to expense claims, that can be used to manage expenses before, during and after business travel.
The Ticket Travel Pro® card, which takes the form of a MasterCard card, is pre-charged and can be configured by the employer. Employees can use this non-transferable card, which is valid for 3 years and uses a PIN, to pay all their business travel expenses, from transport and meals, to fuel and accommodation.

To meet the needs of every company, this card is available alone or with a selection of optional modules that can be accessed on the Internet, via tablets and mobile phones.

  • Employees can prepare their trips on-line on the reservation webpage, which offers preferential rates negotiated with partners;
  • The expense claim page centralizes all the information required to track and manage claims.

This unique solution on the French market offers employers numerous advantages, from cost controls and time-savings, to flexibility and security: Ticket Travel Pro® also makes employees' lives easier by avoiding advances for expenses. Users also benefit from additional services, such as expense claims that are automatically pre-filled, access to the card's balance and the latest transactions, etc.
After launching Ticket Corporate® in Spain in 2011 and ExpendiaSmart® in Italy in 2013, this latest launch is in line with the Group's strategy, which aims to generate 20% of its issue volume on the Expense management market by 2016. The Group will continue in this direction with the launch of Spendeo by Edenred® in Poland before the end of this year.

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