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December 07, 2021

Edenred France is the first services and payments company to obtain “AFRC Relation Client France” certification

Introduced in June 2021 by French customer relations association AFRC and trade body Pro France, “AFRC Relation Client France” certification recognizes companies whose customer service is entirely based in France and which are actively involved in employment, job retention, training and inclusion in their local communities. It was awarded following an audit by an independent third party, AFNOR Certification, covering all of Edenred France’s customer relations teams, as well as those of its partners.

Edenred France’s Client Relations Center (CRC), which has been based in France since its creation, today has 350 customer service advisers and external partners serving companies, employees and partner merchants in the Edenred network.

It contributes to job creation in both the Paris area and the rest of France, offering a rich and diverse range of career paths. 

  • 34 employees hired since 2018 through Edenred’s collaboration with Pôle emploi, France’s employment agency
  • 100% of Edenred France’s internal CRC customer service advisors received training in 2020

The “AFRC Relation Client France” certification recognizes the commitment of Edenred France’s teams to serving clients of the Ticket Restaurant, Ticket Mobilité, Kadéos and ProwebCE solutions. Excellence in customer relations is at the heart of Edenred’s offering, as demonstrated by the company winning the “Customer Service of the Year” award for the seventh time in 2021. 

  • On average, nearly nine in ten users of Edenred solutions are satisfied with their dealings with the Edenred France Client Relations Center

Damien Nuyttens, Head of Client Experience & Operations at Edenred France, said: “I’m proud that Edenred France has received ‘AFRC Relation Client France’ certification. This prestigious recognition is a testament to the dedication of our 350 customer service advisors – all based in France – to giving our clients the best experience possible, day in, day out. The excellent service provided to our corporate clients, partner merchants and employees who use Edenred solutions, along with our commitment to job creation and career development in France, perfectly embody our ambition of making the world of work a connected ecosystem that is simpler, safer and more efficient.

In addition to its internal teams, Edenred carefully selects its external customer relations partners and pays particular attention to their CSR commitments. 

Claudine Ngo Mandeng Kamara, Client Relationship Representative at Edenred France, said: “I was lucky enough to take part in a customer service advisor training course at AFPA, followed by an internship at Edenred France, where I was able to put my knowledge into practice. It was a really positive experience for me. I received plenty of support and saw how much of a priority the customer experience is at Edenred France. I’m delighted that I was given the opportunity to work as a client relationship representative.

Edenred France, committed to employment and inclusion, job retention, and training

Edenred France makes inclusion a priority, striving to open its doors to the widest variety of people and unlock each individual’s full potential. It does this in particular through a French government upskilling program that helps job seekers with no prior experience enter employment based on interviews and questions related to their motivation.

Edenred France forms long-term partnerships with support organizations such as the Centre de Reconversion Professionnelle and ARPEJEH. This gives people with disabilities the opportunity to take part in internships at Edenred France with client relationship representatives. 

Edenred France has also worked to make digital technology more responsible since 2016. The increasingly digital nature of Edenred’s solutions gives it the new responsibility of ensuring that its technologies are simple, ethical, equitable and accessible to all. For example, the Elioz Connect platform allows the hearing impaired to contact a client relationship representative without having to use a telephone.


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