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January 25, 2021

Edenred France certified 2021 Top Employer

Awarded by the Top Employers Institute on the basis of an independent assessment, Top Employer certification is recognition of the excellence of Edenred France’s HR practices in fostering employee engagement and well-being.

The Top Employers Institute notably commended Edenred France for its exemplary change management practices, which have enabled it to successfully transition to digital candidate and employee journeys. It also noted Edenred France’s CSR commitments and the optimum working conditions provided for its employees.

Several key initiatives were implemented by Edenred France this year that helped it obtain Top Employer certification. They include the creation of an onboarding program for new hires, the launch of a digital training platform, and the organization of online events to maintain ties between teams and protect employee health and well-being despite the crisis (sport and sophrology sessions, workshops, etc.). Collective agreements on gender equality in the workplace and the right to disconnect were also among the initiatives recognized by the Top Employers Institute.


Edenred France, committed to both employees and clients

Convinced that the well-being and engagement of its 1,200 employees is central to the company’s performance, Edenred France is committed to deploying an ambitious HR policy.

This conviction, recognized today through Top Employer certification, also underpins the portfolio of solutions Edenred France offers to its clients.

A pioneer in employee benefits and their development worldwide, Edenred provides specific-purpose payment solutions for food (Ticket Restaurant), fleet and mobility (Ticket Mobilité), and incentives and quality of life (Ticket CESU, Kadéos). These solutions enhance the well-being and purchasing power of their 7 million users and improve the efficiency of 160,000 corporate clients, local authorities and works councils, while helping to vitalize the employment market and the local economy by supporting 380,000 partner merchants.

Karen Mauger, HR Director, Edenred France, said: “Edenred France is proud to have obtained Top Employer certification. This endorsement recognizes our commitment to offering the best possible experience to every one of our employees. It also confirms the effectiveness of Edenred solutions, such as Ticket Restaurant, Kadéos and Ticket Mobilité, for enhancing employee well-being and engagement, in Edenred’s teams and those of our clients.

Edenred France is one of the 94 French companies certified as a Top Employer this year and joins the 1,691 companies certified worldwide to date. 
For 25 years, the Top Employers Institute has been certifying companies around the world with a strong commitment to human resources. The certification process is notably based on an independent audit that covers 400 HR practices split into 20 themes, including talent management, training and skills development, compensation, employee benefits and culture.

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