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June 16, 2015

Edenred finalist of the “Espoirs du management” awards

The 9th edition of the "Espoirs du Management" awards was held on June 15, 2015, recognizing the efforts of managers in the French private and public sectors in favor of employee well-being.

100% of top management trained in a specific behavioral module Over 600 people trained in the managerial approach

For the first time, the Group participated in the "Espoirs du Management" awards. This year, the ceremony was chaired by Henri de Castries, CEO of the Axa group. The jury, made up of professionals, studied the range of promising, original managerial initiatives in France. Edenred presented its distinctive corporate culture entitled "Customer Inside."
Developed in the context of the Group's acquisition of independence and the inauguration of the new Edenred brand, the Customer Inside managerial approach is intended to support the company's development strategy.

Customer Inside aims to adapt the group's solutions and the way in which they are delivered to boost the satisfaction and loyalty of Edenred's stakeholders (clients, affiliated merchants, etc.) so they will recommend the brand. Focusing on behavior, operational excellence, customer journeys and differentiation, this approach considers the changes impacting the Group's environment (such as the shift to digital) with a different perspective. Employees around the world are invited to call into question their everyday working methods and their understanding of the group's business and its segments. Each employee has a role to play in this project with a common attitude: "doing simple things exceptionally well."

To that end, a cascade training process has been developed by the members of the Executive Committee for all employees. The approach is continuously being disseminated in the Group in order to consolidate the achievements of Customer Inside and work on new behavioral and managerial methods in response to the significant changes affecting Edenred's ecosystem.


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