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June 16, 2022

Edenred expands its Ticket Mobilité partner network to include electric car-sharing service Zity by Mobilize

With this new partnership, Edenred is offering users of the Ticket Mobilité solution a mobility experience that meets the challenges of short-distance and sustainable travel.

625 Zity by Mobilize self-service electric vehicles for Edenred Ticket Mobilité users 

Zity by Mobilize is an all-electric, self-service car-sharing network that has operated in Paris since 2020 and in Lyon since March 2022. Available 24/7, it offers a fully digital experience thanks to an app.

Zity is based on a free-floating model, whereby cars can be picked up in a service area that includes Lyon, Paris and six neighboring cities. 

The simple, flexible service is designed to adapt to the needs of each individual. After downloading the app, users can create a free account in just a few minutes without having to make a commitment or sign up to a plan. Prices include vehicle rental, insurance, charging and parking within the service area. In addition, Zity’s offers guarantee low rates and peace of mind. With its flat-rate fares, for example, users can rent a car for up to four hours with the price capped at €39.

As a car-sharing operator with an all-electric fleet, Zity meets the requirements of France’s sustainable mobility allowance and has been accredited by France’s Ministry of Transportation, meaning mobility vouchers can be used to pay for journeys.

Ilan Ouanounou, General Manager of Edenred France, said: “We’re very pleased to welcome the Zity by Mobilize all-electric car-sharing service to the Edenred Ticket Mobilité partner network. As green, clean and accessible mobility becomes part of everyday life, this new agreement will help make Ticket Mobilité the most comprehensive network on the market, particularly when it comes to electric vehicles, making green mobility accessible to all.

With the addition of Zity by Mobilize, the Edenred Ticket Mobilité network has more than 150 partners.

Alexandra Caubet, General Manager of Zity France, said: “In line with current social commitments, we offer our users the opportunity to get around more responsibly and less expensively. That’s why Zity is very proud to partner with Edenred and aspires to make its urban mobility services accessible to as many people as possible.


Ticket Mobilité: an easy-to-use digital solution to cover employee commuting costs

Since the launch of Ticket Mobilité, people at work can think of their commute in the same way as they do their lunch break: as a hassle-free moment with many options, partly paid for by their employer. 
Ticket Mobilité works just like the Ticket Restaurant® meal benefit, only for commuting. It gives employees a simple way to have up to €600 per year of their commuting costs covered by their employer, in accordance with the requirements of France’s sustainable mobility allowance. 

Edenred’s Ticket Mobilité solution is a fully digital account that comes with a payment card and a mobile app. In line with France’s November 2019 mobility law (Loi d’Orientation des Mobilités), it can be used to pay for new sustainable and shared transportation options made possible by the sustainable mobility allowance like cycling and car-sharing, as well as for fuel (gasoline/diesel and electricity). The Ticket Mobilité account, whose use is governed by the new mobility law, can be fully customized to fit the needs of each business.

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