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March 12, 2020

Edenred enters the Spanish foodtech market with a pioneering mobile ordering service

This new service, integrated into the MyEdenred mobile app, allows customers to place food orders online and pay them through any bank card or Ticket Restaurant, reserve a table, request take-away food and specify a time for the order to be ready. Anyone, whether or not they benefit from the Ticket Restaurant service, can use this new feature of the app.

On the cutting edge of innovation

Edenred, who already offers Ticket Restaurant and Ticket Gasolina, among other services, is once again demonstrating its leadership in innovation in the field of flexible remuneration and corporate management. With this new feature from MyEdenred, developed through an active listening of the customers, the company is venturing into the foodtech market and expanding its B2C business. 

Through this new service, Edenred seeks respond to the 94% of Spanish employees who prioritise speed of service when choosing the restaurant where they want to have lunch, given their desire to make the most of their time on their lunch break. The app therefore offers the option to plan their order and streamline their break by avoiding wait times of up to 15 minutes at restaurants, because the food will be ready, paid for and waiting for them.

Driving the local economy and healthy eating

The new feature of MyEdenred represents a huge boost for the 40,000 member restaurants because they will be able to easily reach the more than 150,000 employees who currently use the Edenred app every month. Furthermore, the ordering system on MyEdenred will allow restaurants to better plan and increase the flow of customers, raising the visibility of their business and offering new sales options, such as take-away. 

Edenred thus brings users closer to their favourite bars and restaurants because, although Spaniards prefer to eat at traditional establishments rather than fast-food options (56% compared with 46%, according to a study by Nielsen), fast food is more popular during the working week because their service is so much quicker. 

MyEdenred thus increases the number of healthy eating options for employees and also supports small restaurants with greater difficulty in dealing with large order volumes and fewer advertising options.

Another step for talent retention at companies

Edenred has always been the companion of companies wishing to boost employee benefits and talent retention. This new service goes even further by offering employees a service that improves their lives by streamlining lunchtimes and supporting work-life balance. This leads to improved worker performance, reduced stress and increased motivation, resulting in greater talent retention for companies.

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