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April 29, 2019

The Edenred Digital Center: the Group’s new digital hub

The Group is stepping up its digital development, in keeping with the Fast Forward strategic plan. As part of this initiative, a new digital hub has been opened in Bucharest, Romania. The goal of the Edenred Digital Center (EDC) is to speed up the development of innovative payment solutions in the working world.

The EDC is a hub of digital expertise, manned by a diverse range of IT profiles, working in the same place, in order to make an essential contribution to the Group’s digital strategy. 
The goal of the Edenred Digital Center is to develop new IT platforms and technologies that can be deployed in all of Edenred’s subsidiaries. One of the EDC’s flagship projects aims to rationalize the Group’s global range of more than 60 mobile applications in a single worldwide container.

Watch the presentation of the project by Dave Ubachs, Edenred's Executive Vice-President, Digital & IT.

The EDC will host employees from various Edenred entities, as well as talents recruited locally from Romania’s highly dynamic IT community. The Group plans to take on more than 50 people by the end of 2019, and almost 150 more by the end of 2020. The EDC is looking for a diverse range of profiles: Mobile Tech Leads, Senior and junior developers, Build Release Managers, Cloud Operations Analysts, Level 3 IT Experts for Exchange & Office365, Oracle & Linux, Infrastructure Security Engineers. These new hires will enjoy access to the most advanced IT technologies available in the Edenred Digital Center.

More information about the Edenred Digital Center 

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