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January 13, 2015

Edenred continues to expand on the business travel market

After the launch of solutions for travel and entertainment in France and Italy, Edenred steps up its growth in this sector in Mexico and Poland.

Covering hotels, meals and transport, the worldwide travel and entertainment market is estimated to be worthmore than €500 billion. In keeping with its strategy for growth in Expense management, which also includes fuel cards and fleet management, Edenred is consolidating its position in this new sector with two offers: 
Ticket Empresarial® in Mexico and Spendeo by Edenred® in Poland.
Two solutions that facilitate and optimize companies' Expense management before, during and after business trips.

Ticket Empresarial® in Mexico


The Ticket Empresarial® offer includes a web platform and a MasterCard payment card that companies can use to provide credit, personalize and control the funds allocated to their employees' business trips (amounts, locations, hotel categories, etc.). For their part, employees can easily control their expenses and reporting.
Ticket Empresarial® completes the existing Ticket Car® fuel and fleet offer.
This new solution addresses the needs of both major companies and SMEs that do not have any dedicated resources or formal processes.

Spendeo by Edenred® in Poland

Spendeo by Edenred® also combines a payment card and a web site. This solution offers companies clear visibility and effective control of the complete expense management chain, from the planning of business trips, to bookings, insurance, expense claims processing and cost accounting reports.
Companies can make significant savings by reducing the time spent on administrative formalities and guaranteeing that their business travel policies are implemented.


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