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March 08, 2019

Edenred commits to equality in the workplace by signing the Diversity Charter

In 2019, the Group officially signed the Diversity Charter, which enables all companies volunteering to make commitments to diversity that go beyond the corresponding legislation. International Women’s Day is also an opportunity for Edenred to confirm its commitment to combating all forms of discrimination in the workplace.

For Edenred, whose mission is to contribute to the well-being of 47 million employees all over the world, employee diversity is a source of creativity and performance that reflects the reality of its markets and its clients. Which is the reason why the Group outlaws all forms of discrimination for reasons of gender, age, marital status, origin, sexual orientation and physical fitness, or against members of political, religious or trade union organizations. This commitment is already embodied in Edenred’s Charter of Ethics.

Six major commitments

The Diversity Charter was created in 2004 by a network of companies committed to diversity. Today, it rallies almost 3,800 players around six commitments to be applied and enforced in their organizations.

  1. Raising awareness and training directors and managers involved in recruitment, training and career management in the issues of non-discrimination and diversity, then extending the initiative to include all employees.
  2. Promoting the application of the principle of non-discrimination of all forms in all the company’s or the organization’s management policies and decision-making processes.
  3. Favoring the representation of the diversity of society, by embracing its wealth of differences, and all its cultural, ethnic and social components.
  4. Communicating on this commitment with every employee, as well as clients, partners and suppliers.
  5. Making the diversity policy a subject of labor relations with staff representatives.
  6. Regularly measuring the progress made and publicizing our results inside and outside the Group.

Concrete actions

Edenred will transform its commitment into concrete daily actions: 

  • the development of a training module in diversity for managers, with a view to then extending this module to all employees,
  • the adaptation of HR processes, starting with recruitment and promotions for managerial positions,
  • setting up a diversity network and an internal mentoring network for women.

The signing of this charter and its short-, medium- and long-term actions confirm the Edenred Group’s commitment within its own organization, but also in the more global workplace.

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