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June 29, 2015

Edenred celebrates its 5th anniversary

On June 29, 2010, further to the demerger of Accor's hotel and services businesses, Edenred emerged. Five years later, the Group has profoundly changed.

Digital transformation, restructuring of it offer, geographic expansion: discover the major changes that have marked the Group since it became independent.

Five new countries 

Since 2010, Edenred has given new momentum to its geographic expansion.  After Finland, Japan and Colombia between 2011 and 2013, two new countries joined the Group in 2014: the United Arab Emirates and Russia. 
Edenred now operates in 42 countries around the world.

Solutions structured around two growth pillars

Employee benefits, the Group's historic activity, have continued to grow and currently account for over 80% of its issue volume (figures on December 31, 2014). 
The performance of this activity has particularly been reflected through the launch of new solutions.
The most significant successes launched since 2010 have included Ticket Plus® Card in Germany (staple goods: food, fuel, meals) and Ticket Cultura® in Brazil (cultural goods and services). 
The first to arrive on these two markets with high growth potential, Edenred currently enjoys a leading position there.
NutriSavings™, which is intended to improve the nutrition of American employees, also embodies a new generation of solutions. The 100% digital solution combines purchases of healthy food and financial incentives for employees.

At the same time, Edenred has considerably developed its Expense management activity:

  • the launch of new solutions, particularly on the travel and entertainment market (Ticket Travel Pro®,Spendeo by Edenred®, Ticket Empresarial®, etc.); 
  • commercial partnerships such as the one established with American Express on the fuel-card market in Mexico; 
  • a targeted acquisitions policy; for example, in 2014, the Group acquired UTA, a European fuel-card leader for heavy fleets. 

Accounting for only 8% of the Group's issue volume in 2010, this activity is expected to account for 30% of issued volume by 2017.

The shift to digital: a successful first phase and bright prospects!

In 2010, taking into account new technologies and adapting to the practices of its clients and users, Edenred began stepping up the migration from paper vouchers to digital media (cards, online platforms, smartphones). Ticket Restaurant®, the Group's flagship solution, has already been migrated in most of the countries where it is markeded. (See "France switches to cards.")
At the end of 2014, digital solutions accounted for 65% of total issue volume, versus only 30% in 2010.

After the shift to digital, the second phase of the Group's digital transformation – creating new interactions with all of its stakeholders – has been launched.

  • Affiliated merchants can now get to know their customers better and directly send them promotional offers;
  • Corporate clients benefit from a multi-channel relationship with Edenred (face-to-face, by phone and online) tailored to their size and their needs;
  • Employee beneficiaries can access simplified services and new advantages.


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