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March 11, 2019

Edenred Belgium's Mobility Solution gets mobility moving

Since March 1, 2019, Belgian company car users have been given the option of switching to a new solution for managing mobility costs. Users can use this new card – Mobility Edenred – to pay their business travel expenses.

The new product puts a wealth of transportation offerings, alternatives to individual cars, at users' fingertips with the goal of better meeting user needs. Edenred Belgium successfully managed to bring together a number of service provider partners to give card beneficiaries access to a vast array of multimodal options (public transportation, bicycles, carpooling, buses and taxis).

"Each employee has different needs and wants their employer's offer to fit those needs. In view of the new legislation, this card is the ideal solution for setting up and using the Mobility Budget*, for employers and employees alike," said Olivier Bouquet, Managing Director of Edenred Benelux. 

The Mobility Edenred platform will allow beneficiaries to evaluate the monthly amount allocated to their transportation costs based on their current vehicle and other criteria related to the Mobility Budget. This solution also provides employees with genuine advantages – they can save time, have more freedom, organize their professional and personal budget flexibly, and even make more eco-friendly transportation choices.

Employers aren't left out either! The platform simplifies portfolio management, allowing them to centralize all the solutions they offer to their employees in one place.

*The Belgian law on the Mobility Budget entered into force on March 1, 2019. It is based on a simple idea, which is to provide employees with a monthly sum so they can get around exclusively using alternative mobility options. The goal of the legislation is to improve mobility for everyone and reduce commuters' ecological footprint by increasing the use of green transportation. 

Discover the platform: Mobility Edenred

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