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February 02, 2016

Edenred Belgium launches a multi-solution wallet

After the swift transformation of its flagship solution, Edenred Belgium is taking its shift to digital to a new level.

The successful digitization of Ticket Restaurant® – it only took the Belgian subsidiary three years to fully digitize its meal voucher and shift all its customers to the digital format – motivated the subsidiary to immediately roll out the process to its other solutions. 

The result: the Ticket EcoCheque® voucher, which can be used to purchase eco-friendly products and services, will be marketed in electronic format in the upcoming weeks.  The subsidiary's gift voucher will follow suit.


And there is much more in store. Drawing on the lessons learned from the first digital migration, the subsidiary has pushed the simplification of the user experience to its limit, by integrating its vouchers into a multi-solution wallet. 

With just one card, one mobile application and one personal space, comfort and ease have become the keywords of customer service 2.0.

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