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June 22, 2017

Edenred and Watsons launch the Watsons Ticket Xpress e-voucher in Taiwan

Of all the countries in the Asia-Pacific region, it is in Taiwan that users are most attached to their smartphone: 81% of Taiwanese people take it with them wherever they go*, in particular to go shopping. Cell phones are used in Taiwan as personal assistants for finding information about products, ordering online and paying in stores.

Taking part in this boom in the country, Edenred teamed up with the Watson group, the leading retailer of health and beauty products in Asia and Europe, to launch the Watsons Ticket Xpress e-voucher service.

With 7.3 million vouchers issued in 2016, Ticket Xpress is the most developed e-voucher service in Taiwan. It enables more than 60 brands to offer rewards to their customers in e-voucher form. These e-vouchers are relayed by a large network of partners, including banks, loyalty and employee benefit programs.

 By introducing this technology, the Watson group is providing its customers with a simple way to obtain, manage and redeem their e-vouchers. The Watsons Ticket Xpress e-vouchers are delivered directly to cell phones by text message, email or dedicated applications. Users can then scan their barcode in any Watsons store in Taiwan. These e-vouchers are replacing the paper gift vouchers previously issued by the Group.

* Ipsos Asia-Pacific survey: 2015 Mobile Trend

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