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May 10, 2022

Edenred and Vélib’ Métropole join forces to make commuting easier for Ticket Mobilité users

Users of the Edenred Ticket Mobilité solution can now take advantage of the Vélib’ Métropole network’s shared bicycles for their commutes. With this new partnership, Edenred and Vélib’ are strengthening their efforts to advance more sustainable and responsible mobility.

Vélib’ Métropole is the world’s first station-based shared bicycle service, promoting green mobility and intermodal travel. With its network of nearly 1,440 docking points in 60 towns and cities in Greater Paris, including the capital itself, Vélib’ Métropole is a key mobility solution for many workers, offering nearly 20,000 regular and electric bicycles.

Edenred is the French and world leader in digital specific-purpose payment solutions (including Ticket Restaurant®, Ticket Mobilité, Kadéos and Télétravail Edenred). Ticket Mobilité by Edenred is a 100% digital account spanning more than 150 partners and offering the largest network of mobility providers on the market.

For companies, Ticket Mobilité provides a digital means of easily managing their employees’ mobility and covering the related expenses up to €600 per year. The Edenred solution can be fully tailored to each company’s needs and used in compliance with France’s new mobility law. It frees up HR teams from all administrative procedures, in particular by guaranteeing that their employees’ mobility subsidy is used properly with accredited partners.


Using the Vélib’ Métropole network with Ticket Mobilité in just a few clicks

The Vélib’ Métropole website and app now offer Edenred Ticket Mobilité as a payment option for subscriptions and journeys not covered by the plan, either when signing up or via the Vélib’ account (“my account” tab). Users simply open the Vélib’ Métropole app and add their Edenred account as a means of payment.

Ilan Ouanounou, General Manager of Edenred France, said: “Green mobility options such as cycling have been popular in France since lockdown, especially in towns and cities. So we’re delighted to welcome the Vélib’ Métropole bicycle-sharing network among the 150 partners of the Edenred Ticket Mobilité solution. This partnership once again demonstrates our ability to create the most comprehensive network on the market in order to meet the day-to-day needs of our users.” 

Sylvain Raifaud, Chairman of SAVM (Syndicat Autolib’ Velib’ Métropole), said: “The partnership with Edenred shows Vélib’ Métropole’s determination to provide easier access to the service for users, because cycling to work is an integral part of our DNA. In this way, we’re pursuing our commitment to sustainable, multimodal mobility in mainland France.” 

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