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July 06, 2017

Edenred and ProwebCE join forces to vente-privee Group

Edenred and ProwebCE have reached a new milestone in the development of the French employee benefits market by joining forces with the vente-privee Group, one of the world’s leading online retailers. Under the deal, the partners have designed an exclusive offering for the works council segment, which is estimated at more than €15 billion.

ProwebCE, which is 70% owned by the Edenred Group, offers a comprehensive range of solutions for works councils. In addition to management and accounting software packages, it also provides the Meyclub e-commerce platform, which enables employees to use the funds allocated to them annually by their works council to purchase culture and 
leisure-related goods and services. Through this platform, employees can choose gift vouchers or cards to take advantage of discounts on more than one million products and services. ProwebCE manages a portfolio of more than 7,000 client companies and serves 5 million employees.

The partnership with vente-privee has two components:

•    Employees with access to the Meyclub portal can buy e-gift cards that offer a 
5% discount on all products and services sold on (excluding vente privee Le Voyage).

•    Travel deals on vente-privee (vente-privee Le Voyage) are directly integrated into the Meyclub portal. This additional range of services adds an entirely new dimension to employee benefits, with the subsidy management system incorporated into the same IT environment. As a result, users will have easier access to more than 1,000 travel deals a year.

Commenting on the partnership, Bertrand Dumazy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Edenred Group, said: “As the world leader in employee benefits, particularly in the digital segment, Edenred constantly seeks to offer more services to its customers, be they companies, their employees or merchants in our network. Our alliance with the innovative trailblazer and event-sales pioneer group perfectly illustrates this ambition.

Patrice Thiry, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ProwebCE, said: “ProwebCE is proud to partner with, one of France’s premier online retailers. This is a decisive step in the development of our range that will benefit 7,000 works councils and 5 million employees.

Jacques-Antoine Granjon, founder and Chief Executive Officer of the vente-privee group, said: “We are delighted to form this alliance with the world leader in employee benefits. Works councils provide employees with travel opportunities all throughout the year, and expanding into this segment forms part of vente-privee Le Voyage’s long-term growth plan. For our partner brands, this deal represents a new opportunity to optimize their take-up rate and acquire a new clientele.

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