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August 25, 2016

Edenred and Carrefour launched Ticket Xpress e-Voucher in Taiwan

Aiming at Taiwan’s blooming mobile commerce, Carrefour and Edenred jointly launched Carrefour Ticket Xpress in Taiwan, the very first digital voucher service of Carrefour group worldwide.

With Carrefour Taiwan’s huge customer base and the wide adoption by local partners including major banks, loyalty and employee benefit programs, this eco-friendly and industry-leading mobile technology is expected to create a significant momentum in both retail and mobile payment market in Taiwan.
According to Rami Baitieh, CEO of Carrefour Taiwan, Carrefour has been dedicated to provide innovative, swift, and eco-friendly payment technology for the customer in mobile era, and digital vouchers which can distributed, managed, and redeemed easily with mobile phones is one of the most viable solution. That is the reason why Carrefour partnered with Edenred to launch Carrefour Ticket Xpress to bring the best mobile payment experience for Carrefour’s consumers in Taiwan, and then roll out the success in Taiwan to other countries. By introducing Edenred’s digital voucher technology, Carrefour Taiwan is also looking to bring positive impact to environment by replacing its paper gift voucher, which is produced at a sheer volume of more than 8 million pieces every year. 

Bertrand Dumazy, Chairman and CEO of Edenred, said that Taiwan has been Edenred’s pioneering country for digital voucher solution since 2010. As of today, Edenred has created the most sophisticated digital vouchers technology and the most powerful digital distribution network in Taiwan. So Taiwan is the obvious choice to launch the very first Carrefour Ticket Xpress with Carrefour. With the success of Ticket Xpress, Edenred will continue to be the best partner of Taiwan government to promote “Mobile Economy” initiative, and is looking to push the eco-friendly Ticket Xpress to global market as Edenred’s commitment to share its “Ideal green” value with its stakeholders.

 Bertrand Dumazy and Rami Baitieh during the press conference in Taïwan.

Starting today, Carrefour Ticket Xpress is available at the major banks’ loyalty programs online channels. Consumers can use their reward points to get their Carrefour Ticket Xpress directly delivered to their mobile devices, and spend it by simply scanning the barcode at any of 87 Carrefour stores in Taiwan. 



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